Doggie daycare offered six days each week

Pampered 4 Paws is proud to offer daycare services for our canine companions and to help their busy human friends.
Our daycare services include full days of fun and play designed to provide daily companionship and to
alleviate bad behavior exhibited by our furry friends with separation issues. Your dog will beg to come to daycare, we promise.

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Daycare information


All dogs must be socialized with other dogs prior to coming to Pampered 4 Paws. This is not a place for unsocialized dogs.

All dogs must have a trial day/temperament screening.

All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella (Kennel cough). We require daycare dogs to receive a Bordatella vaccination every six months.

All shots must be administered at least five days prior to coming to the facility, even if they are booster shots.

All dogs must pass a fecal test. Your vet can fax proof of a negative test directly to our office at 304.212.2279.

All dogs must be on flea/tick prevention.

All dogs must be spayed or neutered after six months old.

Pick up and drop off: 

Early drop off is available on weekdays starting at 6 a.m-10 a.m.

Pick up times on weekdays is 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Please be prompt when picking up your dog at the end of each day. Our late fee is $1 per 5 minute increment after 7 p.m.

After 7:30 p.m., your dog will be staying with us overnight for an additional charge. Please Text 304.276.4271 to let us know in advance if you’ll be late.

Rates and packages

Daily rates:

1 dog – $25/day

2nd dog – add $20/day


5 day pass $100, second dog add $60.

10 day pass $190, second dog add $100.

20 day pass $360, second dog add $180.

Monthly Daycare Pass $400, Second Dog $320

Day Boarding (One on one plays if someone is available and at P4Ps discretion) $25

All rates & packages are subject to 6% sales tax. All packages expire within six months of purchase. No refunds are given for expired packages with unused days.

What is a trial day?

During a trial day, your dog will be temperament-tested to ensure the well-being and safety of all dogs at daycare. This includes general socialization of your dog with existing daycare dogs and the facilities. Trial days are free. Owner must fill out dog/client information and sign release/policy agreement. Once we have completed your dog’s trial day, we will then discuss scheduling and payment options.

What do I need to do to enroll my dog in daycare?

1st step – Have your vet fax us up-to-date vaccination records.

2nd step –  Fill out our online form on our contact us page.

3rd step – Contact us to schedule your trial/temperament screening day.

4th step – After a successful trial day, your dog will be allowed to come to daycare.

Why is daycare good for your dog?

Dogs are routine animals – they will know what day daycare is.

Your dog will build relationships with other dogs attending on their day(s) and create consistent, positive experiences.

We will always have room for your dog on his or her day.

If your dog will be missing their reserved days for an extended period of time, just shoot us an email or call letting us know. We ask for this courtesy because we don’t want to assume anything is wrong. We kindly thank you in advance.

General information

We also now offer day boarding which includes kenneled, no play boarding with three bathroom breaks and 15 minutes of ball play for $25/day.

Preference is given to dogs that regularly attend daycare and have a standing reservation. We recommend two or three days per week to establish a standing reservation.

Sick dogs:

If your dog is sick, please take them to the vet.

We reserve the right to refuse a visit if your dog arrives sick.

If your dog gets sick while with us, we will either quarantine the dog until you can pick them up, or take the dog to the vet.

You are responsible for any charges incurred for care.

Doggie Daycare FAQ


A very tired dog for 24-36 hours. Dogs typically sleep 14-16 hours per day so daycare will interrupt their beauty sleep.

An extremely thirsty dog. It’s not uncommon for dogs to drink 2-3 times the normal amount of water when they get home from daycare. We do have plenty of water out for the dogs at ALL times but once they slow down at home, their body wants more water. Also, they are so busy playing with their friends that water is the last thing on their mind!

Dogs have a great time wrestling and slobbering on each other. Some medium length to long haired dogs may pick up some “dog play” odors. This can be fixed with a bath for your dog.

Dogs use their mouths for many things including the correction of another dog’s behavior towards them, communication, and play. Please be aware that with mouthing, wrestling, and chasing that bumps, bruises, cuts, and punctures can occur. Pampered 4 Paws will make owners aware of any issues that occur and we will take appropriate action.

Some dogs may drool more than usual, this is just temporary.

Some dogs may experience a temporary loss of appetite due to fatigue.

If you have an older or typically less active dog, he or she may overdo it on their first day and feel some soreness or fatigue in the days following daycare.

They will have an overwhelming desire to come back!